Art Boya Ltd. establishes in 1997 and have been marketing artist materials. We export and import and produce artist materials. We distribute the products all over Turkey.

 We started with Lukas Artist Materials. Lukas has highest quality products in the world for art and artists. And we have almostly all Lukas range in our stocks. Since 1999 we started to produce some products under PonART label. We are produced brushes in Germany and all artist which use these know the quality. We can say that PonART has a good name in Turkey and also in a few countries. We went on with PonART mediums. We imported the mediums as barrels from Lukas and fill them in Turkey and provided them with a nice price.

 We are the fisrt company in Turkey which produce canvases in international standart. We produce stretched canvases, easels in our factory in Istanbul.

 We started with Bruynzeel-Sakura. Now we have been marketing artist pencils and some hoby and writing instruments from sakura-bruynzeel.

 We have been markening Hahnemühle Fine Art papers which the company established in 1584 and has highest quality of art papers. And after 2004 we also sell Hahnemühe Digital papers.

 We are also distributor and lisansee of Bob Ross in Turkey. We every year organise seminars to traning the teacher which will open ately and will teach Bob Ross tecnics to people.

 In our company you can contact with our education department to ask your questions on art tecnics and materials.

 We know that we serve to people who servet o Art.