Art Boya Limited was established in 1997 and ever since we have been marketing artist materials, school products and hobby materials. We export and import said products as well as producing canvas, brushes, easels, palettes, painting boards, clay, varnishes and paints. We distribute our products all over Turkey. 

 We started as a distributor of Lukas Artist Materials. Then moved on to be the distributor of Folia-Bringmann, Sculpey, Hahnemühle, Noch, Makin`s Clay, Touch and PanPastel, Becks Plastilin, Nerchau, Fibracolor, Bob Ross, IHR, Logan Graphic Products and Marabu.
Since 1999, we have been producing under PonART label. And in 2007 we came up with the brand of Kosida for another quality on the market. 

 We are the first company in Turkey which produces stretched canvases in international standart. We produce our canvases and easels in our factory in Istanbul.
 Our brushes and varnishes are produced in Germany, along with some of our brushes from China and our ceramic and light clay is produced in Spain.
 We also work with our incorporated company Goodwin. All of their clays are produced in their formula in their factory in China. It is highly suggested that you also visit

 Every year we organise seminars in Turkey for the teachers. And we organise "Art Boya Artists` Days Fair"s that last for three days at the end of February each year.

 We know that we are serving people who contribute to art.